Runtime Intelligence

Understanding how your Products are being used in the "wild" can be very challenging but it's critical for anyone developing and deploying Software today - no matter if it's for commercial use or not.


Not only do you need to head-off Software quality issues before they are a problem, most developers also want to get a better understanding of the environment into which they are deploying their products and do some planning on what is working, what is useful and what to stop wasting engineering efforts on.


Nalpeiron's Runtime Intelligence offering, Nalpeiron Software Analytics (NSA), gives you the benefits of feedback driven engineering and planning with the benefits of greater focus on Software quality, user satisfaction and better adoption. With a few clicks you will now be able to measure in real-time all the critical data points you likely spend weeks trying to get right now, all without the need to setup or maintain your own infrastructure.


If you are into Agile Development then a "user feedback loop" provided by realtime runtime analytics is an essential part of the process.


After 30 mins of setup time you will be able to:

  • ​Get realtime feedback from the field on your application and it's usage
  • ​Understand how features operate in complex, real-world configurations to reduce support headaches and user problems (analyze your data by platform, operating system, configuration, region, language, state, version, date and build)
  • ​Learn more about error conditions that might be caused by software defects or configuration issues to improve customer satisfaction and software quality
  • ​Easily perform an Environment Review of your user base
  • ​Speed up the responses from alpha/beta process and the test community
  • ​Save time collating defect, support, and product marketing reports - now you can just print and go
  • Much, much more...