Software Metering

We all know the Software Landscape is changing and it's really fragmenting away from the old style perpetual licensing model into many differing forms of business models.


It's also moving away from the uniform view of licensing as a "lock and key" mechanism into a more reporting driven "utility" model where the user and the Software Producer can offer a usage based model.


Nalpeiron Software Analytics can be used alone (or in combination with our Licensing) to track and monitor usage at the user, even with a registration function to track specific customers, to enable innovative new business models.


You can now experiment with a "metering" approach to Software Licensing as a way to expand your monetization options.


After 30 mins of setup time you will be able to:

  • ​Get realtime feedback from the field on your application and it's usage
  • ​Understand how features operate in complex, real-world configurations to reduce support headaches and user problems (analyze your data by platform, operating system, configuration, region, language, state, version, date and build)
  • ​Track by user the interaction with your Software
  • ​Easily switch features on and off, and track the usage of those features and functions
  • ​Run reports and visualize this usage per installation
  • Much, much more...