Software Quality Improvement

Use Nalpeiron Software Analytics runtime data metrics to provide concrete Quality of Service requirements including performance, security, usability and reliability.


Runtime data can also provide hardware and software usage profiles as feedback for test lab configurations.


Capture, report, and analyze application exception and product quality trends as well as being able to dig into individual exception and crash reports — improving software quality, reducing support costs, and ultimately increasing user satisfaction.


After 30 mins of setup time you will be able to:

  • ​Get realtime feedback from the field on your application and it's usage
  • ​Understand how features operate in complex, real-world configurations to reduce support headaches and user problems (analyze your data by platform, operating system, configuration, region, language, state, version, date and build)
  • ​Learn more about error conditions that might be caused by software defects or configuration issues to improve customer satisfaction and software quality
  • ​Easily perform an Environment Review of your user base
  • ​Speed up the responses from alpha/beta process and the test community
  • Much, much more...