Software Usage Tracking

Understanding how your Products are being used in the "wild" can be very challenging but it's critical for anyone developing and deploying Software today - no matter if it's for commercial use or not.


With the Nalpeiron Software Analytics (NSA) Service is an application usage tracking service that monitors and reports visually on software usage metrics. It is a powerful tool for all application developers that allows to analyze your products in all major OS (Including Java, Delphi, .NET, C++ and more)  in the wild.


All your products can be segmented and a series of comprehensive reports about application usage in a form of easy to understand grids, graphs and charts. NSA collects data automtically and allows you to see core KPI and data trends simply and in real-time.


NSA allows you track anything you need and then create custom reports and slice up the data for use as valuable business intelligence and not just statistics. Of course you can also export data into your own systems for custom data and business intelligence analysis.


After 30 mins of setup time you will be able to:

  • ​Understand the hardware, system configuration, platforms, operating systems and locale the majority of users are now on so you know how to target your new product engineering
  • ​Understand how features operate in complex, real-world configurations to reduce support headaches and user problems (analyze your data by platform, operating system, configuration, region, language, state, version, date and build)
  • ​Track both anonymous and targeted users, across products, features, usage, adoption, location, platform, closed and lost sales and many more parameters – all with a few clicks
  • ​Define product onboarding-steps in your application and track performance with dashboards, drill-downs and reports then make any changes to improve customer satisfaction ratings
  • ​Fully understand hard to get metrics like download location, trial conversion, sales cycle, features adoption and more with confidence you are seeing the “real” customer data
  • Much, much more...