The Nalpeiron Team

Nalpeiron's Management Team is made up of an experienced group of IT professionals, all with between 15 and 30 years experience in the IT business.

Jon Gillespie-Brown, President

Jon brings to Nalpeiron extensive leadership experience in the information technology, communications and new media arenas in executive roles. He has a great deal of expertise in the Software Development and Security markets and over 25 years in the IT business.

Prior to being appointed President of Nalpeiron has was the founder and CEO of three IT Companies in Software, Training and New Media. He successfully built and sold out of these Companies in 2000. Before his own ventures, Jon worked for Global players such as Ericcson, SmartLink and Pace as VP Sales/Marketing and General Manager.

Jon is on the Board of Directors of Digital Ventures and Defixo, a member of the Band of Angels/Stanford Angels, a published Author (So you want to be an entrepreneur) and has been a mentor at the London Business School, Stanford and UC Berkeley for ten years.

David Rowley, CEO

David joins Nalpeiron with extensive experience in Cloud and SaaS solutions, Enterprise Software, Big Data and Software Licensing, across sales, marketing, business development, corporate development, product management and international expansion.

Prior to joining Nalpeiron, David was Senior Vice President and General Manager at Message Systems, where he transformed their business through launching the hugely successful cloud-based email delivery service, SparkPost. Prior to Message Systems, David held various senior executive, operational and business development roles, including Senior Vice President Business and Corporate Development at Flexera, where he helped lead the expansion of Flexera’s business through both acquisition and organic growth.

Originally from Montreal, David has an Honors degree in Computer Science from University of Waterloo.

Richard Allen, CTO

Richard has over 15 years experience in full cycle Applications development including Pre-sales, Analysis, Management, Design, Development, Testing and Support. At Torex Retail, he developed and supported ePOS and back office systems for over 100 stores for John Menzies and Argos. He developed a Loyalty card system for NE Coop. He later ran the IT Department in Canon Voice & Data, managing internal and external support, system development and database admin teams, developing and modernizing the company's internal Hardware and Software CRM systems. At Eclipse he worked with many companies (KIA, Vauxhall, Pernod, Alpro, BetFair, JD Power, Vodaphone) to develop/run and improve their Data-based marketing strategies and campaigns.

Richard has a Degree in Computer Science and MicroElectronic System from Oxford Brookes University.

Dwayne Ramey, VP Desktop

Dwayne has over 20 years of experience in system programming, numerical methods, real time systems, parallel programming and networking. In the past, he has developed numerical simulations of a chaotically evolving universe, created software for identifying excitation states of CO, trained neural networks to simulate computer network traffic and done time series analysis of TCP/IP stack timings. His work with neural networks was awarded a NSF grant in 2002.

After moving from academics into industry he has worked on projects to automate kernel and driver builds in Linux, developed realtime data collection drivers for Linux, worked in development/testing/porting of Unix SCSI drivers and developed financial software for the banking industry. Dwayne has had extensive experience with C/C++ and various other languages in Unix and Unix-like systems.

Dwayne has a MA in mathematics from Indiana University and a Ph.D. in physics from Stony Brook University.

Mark Finning, CMO

Mark has for over 25 years worked in marketing and visual communication. Beginning in print media, at the outset of the world-wide-web growth in the late 1990s he furthered his skills to leverage them in this area. Being both adept at the technical and the creative, working in teams and alongside developers he progressed into the field of interface design for SaaS products.

As well as copy writing and marketing project management and hands-on execution, his skills also include a full understanding of website deployment and coding, advanced experience of graphics software suites, media creation and management tools, and integration, setup and running of 3rd party CRM and marketing automation systems and leverage of them.

Mark not only works in the deployment of all aspects of our online and offline marketing strategies, but also is deeply involved in the coordination of new product developments here at Nalpeiron.

Henry Roberts, CEO Emeritus

Henry is a 30 year veteran of the software copy protection market assisting Apple with the first copy protection system for the Apple II. Henry wrote the first thesis on Copy Protection and was a project manager of the Monroe Calculator Company for one of the first general purpose small computers available to businesses, correcting design defects and setting up the production line for that product. Created Sentry copy protection system for Apple, later used by Lord British on Ultima 4. Founded Advanced Software Technologies in 1983. Began protecting Macintosh products. In the early 80's created some of the first hard drive protection for MS-DOS/IBM PC. Was the first to defeat the Copy II PC Option board, which with the accompanying nibble copier, copied all copy protected IBM PC/MS DOS products. Went on to creating products for duplications house and CD ROM protection for all the major platforms of the day. During this time he also taught computer science, math, and computer camps for the University of South Carolina's extension courses.

Continued with Advanced Software until 2005, producing Windows Protection Plus which featured hard drive and network copy protection, floppy disk limited installs to the hard drive, and activation technology. Merged with Nalpeiron in 2005 and have been CTO since then. He is acknowledged as the founding father of the Software Copy Protection business in Wikipedia.

Henry has a BA (Psychology minor in science) and Masters in Computer Science from university of South Carolina.

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OnOne Software   VP Product Development   Kevin Bier

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Mark Zucherman   Snr Product Mngr   Zebra Technologies

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The fact that Nalpeiron offers a solution that is up to date, has more extensive features, is flexible, and gives us control over the user experience was what made us decide on them over the competition. After two years in operation, it is plain to us that outsourcing to Nalpeiron has proven to be a prudent decision...

NitroPDF   CEO   Sam Chandler

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