100s of ISVs with Millions of end-users use Zentitle's enterprise-class cloud-based licensing and analytics to monetize and measure their software 24x7.

We constantly receive positive reviews and feedback from customers who have made the move to our modern Hosted Software Licensing and Analytics solutions. We have customers both large and small, hosted and using on-premise solutions, across the World and in almost every Industry.

There are so many scenarios where Zentitle can be deployed for positive effect on your day-to-day licensing activity, lowering its associated costs and overheads.

Enhance End User Experience and Reduce Support Costs with Easy Activation


There are few things more frustrating than buying a new piece of software and then being unable to activate it. Yet license activation incidents account for over half of all support tickets for many ISV's. Complex end user activation interfaces and inflexible unlocking options degrade the end users initial experience of your software and create costly demands on the service desk.  A simple and flexible end user activation process helps boost customers vital "first impression of your company and your software, whilst reducing support costs.


The Zentitle Licensing System offers a simple end user activation interface and a unique range of unlocking methods. End users can activate online, online from a different computer, and offline.


Implementing the uniquely flexible and user friendly Zentitle Licensing system makes the end user license activation process almost foolproof: enhancing end user experience and significantly reducing support costs.

Customer Example

Heligon Ltd are the first and only company to create "point and select" image editing solutions.  They had experienced problems with end user activation of their software, which caused customer frustration and a major drain on their support resources.  After moving to Nalpeiron Heligon reduced their licensing support costs by 88%.

Minimize End User License Loss


Hard disk reformats, MS Windows re-installations and systems board replacement can be a major irritation for your customers.  The last thing they need on top of all that is to discover that they are now locked out of your software.  When an end user re-installs software on a computer which has been though a hard disk reformat, Windows re-install or system board replacement many licensing systems will fail to recognize that that customer has a valid software license.  This results in frustration for the customer and more support calls for you.


The unique Zentitle "Protect n Forget" system enables license activations to survive hard drive re-formats, Windows re-installations and system board re-writes.


This considerably reduces end user license loss: making for a smoother end user experience and substantially reduced support calls.

Minimize Subscription Licensing Payment Arrears


Monthly subscription is becoming an ever more popular method of software licensing and can provide a dependable monthly revenue stream for software vendors.  But effectively managing subscribes, unsubscribes, upgrades, downgrades and non-payers can be challenging. If a vendor is slow in identifying and responding to late payments payment arrears can quickly become a problem.


Using the Zentitle Licensing system software vendors can easily track subscriptions and turn software features on and off to accommodate upgrades and downgrades.  You can also quickly identify customers who have failed to pay their subscription and choose to manage that situation by posting  payment reminder notices within the end users software, switching off features or switching off the product altogether.


The range of easy to use subscription management tools within the Zentitle Licensing System allow software vendors to keep honest customers honest, and subscriptions paid on time.

Customer Example

Linn Software make market analysis software.  They operate on a monthly subscription pricing model, but had no means of easily identifying non-payers, or disabling their software.  Once customers missed a payment and realized that the software continued to work irregular payments often became a problem.  On introducing the Nalpeiron Licensing System Linn saw a rapid improvement in on-time payments, and were in a better position to forecast monthly revenues.

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100s of the world's leading software manufacturers rely on us 24x7x365

Companies using Software Licensing

100s of ISVs and 1,000,0000s of their customers rely on Zentitle, allowing them to focus on using their software, never having to deal with the hassles and complexities of lesser licensing systems.

Companies using Software Licensing today

We were very pleased with the ease of deployment/implementation. Every year around renewal time, we go through the buy vs. build question again, but we always decide to continue with Nalpeiron.
......I don’t have to spend any of my time worrying about the licensing or licenses.

OnOne Software   VP Product Development   Kevin Bier

Read about Zentitle's Software Licensing Models, and take a look at how Zentitle's Dynamic Entitlements make short work of delivering entitlements and rights

Nalpeiron's industry leading licensing management solutions help us get our products to market quickly and efficiently and meet our customers' needs ...since we deployed our products using the Nalpeiron solution, we have experienced notable software revenue growth by being able to quickly and easily protect and license our applications

Mark Zucherman   Snr Product Mngr   Zebra Technologies

Read about Zentitle's Software Licensing Models, and take a look at how Zentitle's Dynamic Entitlements make short work of delivering entitlements and rights

The fact that Nalpeiron offers a solution that is up to date, has more extensive features, is flexible, and gives us control over the user experience was what made us decide on them over the competition. After two years in operation, it is plain to us that outsourcing to Nalpeiron has proven to be a prudent decision...

NitroPDF   CEO   Sam Chandler

Read about Zentitle's Software Licensing Models, and take a look at how Zentitle's Dynamic Entitlements make short work of delivering entitlements and rights

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