What We Do

The Nalpeiron Software Analytics and Licensing Service is the best way to measure and control your Desktop, SAAS and Enterprise Applications.

The Nalpeiron Licensing & Analytics Service is a hosted product that enables you to control your applications with flexible and easy to implement License Management and to intimately understand your Customers usage and core KPI's with simple to deploy Software Analytics.


A comprehensive out-of-the-box solution based on 20 years of industry experience. No need to setup, deploy, manage or maintain servers. You can be up and running in days with our trial.


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Both the Analytics and the Licensing can be purchased and deployed separately without any requirement for the other - However they can be combined to offer a very powerful control and feedback solution for your Software.


Unlike many other providers Nalpeiron has taken the time to connect all the infrastructure components to offer you an end to end solution out of the box, for node and network license models saving considerable time and cost in the implementation phase.


Further, all the user interfaces required from an end user portal in 10 languages, to source code for the client side UI in Unicode are provided too, saving more engineering dollars.


Finally, Nalpeiron is one of the most widely deployed and most robust total solutions on the market that supports millions of end users all in our private cloud.


Reduce business risk with better information, increase revenue by understanding what drives user adoption, and control user interaction and focus your resources with facts on what users want and how they use it.



Nalpeiron Software Licensing

A Hosted Software Licensing Service for Application Control, Trial Management and Software Activation. Easily retrofit your Software and then control all the elements of a users interaction and usage. Protect your Intellectual Property while giving users a great experience


Use Nalpeiron Software Licensing to:

  • Control, secure and manage your Software assets
  • Save engineering time by outsourcing your license management
  • Automated systems capture license abuse and convert it to new revenues
  • Total control of your installed apps from a central server using the Nalpeiron API
  • Measure and report license activation and usage
  • VM Management and Control



Nalpeiron Software Analytics

A real-time Business Information Service for Software Analytics, Run-time Intelligence and Product Usage Insight. Easily retrofit your Software and then capture all the critical elements of a user’s interaction and usage. Understand how your Software is performing in the wild.


Use Nalpeiron Software Analytics to: ​

  • Get facts-based interaction data in real-time
  • Capture user “feedback” and gain detailed insight into product usage
  • Improve software quality, reduce customer support and enhance the user experience
  • Use feature adoption data to plan new products and focus engineering resources
  • Recognize new opportunities and trends
  • Save time collating defect, support and product marketing reports