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Nalpeiron regularly produces resources across a range of Software Analytics and License Management topics published here and on the internet at, feel free to contact us if you want us to comment on a topic important to you.


Webinar: Nalpeiron analytics introduction webinar


Two part series explaining the benefits and pitfalls of Software Analytics. Join Jon Gillespie-Brown, CEO of Nalpeiron and an Angel Investor, as he presents the latest insights on this topic.


You will learn more about:
- How to fully understand your product lifecycle from download/signup all the way to end of life
- How customers discover and use product features to drive improved adoption
- How features operate in complex, real-world configurations to reduce support headaches
- The biggest take-aways from two essential books on the topic: Lean Analytics & Consumption Economics

Great user understanding through analytics leads to better software, happier users, higher adoption, and more revenue.


Whitepaper: Nalpeiron explains global rules for data collection and privacy


Most software Companies are now global, even tiny start-ups, due the ease of access to app stores, distribution systems and the internet, therefore you need to have a system to control and manage the data and to protect it if you plan to use any form of collection from your users.


Software Analytics Services can help by providing the infrastructure and options required to segment and control the data, both from a capture and content perspective. In many cases you may wish to block data to be collected from a region (like consumer data from Switzerland or Germany for example) or ensure the data is anonymous, but in other areas or where you have been granted permission you will want to connect users with their usage to get the best results.


Whitepaper: A CXO's Guide to Software Licensing, Monetization, and the Cloud


A recent IDC survey reveals that while 70% of enterprises believe tracking software license usage is important, 33% of the software publishers that have or plan to have usage-based pricing do not track usage at all today - not even manually. Another astonishing 43% of publishers either do not monitor software usage at all or they don't know if they do.


This white paper illustrates strategic ways for CEOs, CFOs and other finance professionals to:

- Define and implement a licensing strategy that addresses both old ISV and new SaaS types of offerings

- Significantly reduce operational and IT procurement costs

- Drive business growth with improved BI

- Generate additional revenues through revenue recovery, security and sales/marketing automation.


Whitepaper: Why Choose the Nalpeiron Licensing Service vs. Building Your Own


Historically many ISVs have built their own licensing due to lack of flexible or cost-effective enough solutions to their needs, but with the advent of standards today, such as web services and new vendors like Nalpeiron who offer a modern hosted paradigm, many of those previous barriers to outsourcing have been removed.


So why has licensing lagged behind? 


Download this white paper now to discover the real costs, risks, and issues associated with Software License Management solutions.


Whitepaper: Total Cost of Ownership and ROI Model for Software Licensing


In today's economy, Software ISVs are suffering from variable demand, tighter operational controls and shrinking IT budgets and resources, prompting them to look for aggressive ways to cut costs and make their IT operations more efficient.


This white paper aims to help readers evaluate the TCO of various options in choosing a software licensing vendor, including comparing the costs of in-house and other outsourced options vs. the hosted Nalpeiron Licensing Service.


Whitepaper: How Software License Management Can Help Intelligent Device Manufacturers Increase Both Profits and Competitive Advantage


This paper discusses using Software License Management solutions to help differentiate your products, reduce the grey market and piracy problem, and create exciting new business models for your organization.


Any manufacturer of hardware-based products that have a software component (including but not limited to device manufacturers in printing, scanning, white goods, computer peripherals and medical devices, industrial automation and CIM, telecommunication, electronic and test measurement device manufacturers) will benefit from the information in this paper.