Why Choose Nalpeiron?

Reasons to choose Nalpeiron

Working with Nalpeiron you will reduce business risk with better information, focus engineering by understanding what drives user adoption, control and measure user interaction - focus your resources with facts on what users want and how they use your Software.


How are we different to the competition?

  • This is all we do - we are not a service company with an Licensing or Analytics business on the side - our US/UK team builds a quality product ready for fast deployment in Enterprise class use cases by millions of users.

  • We never use the public cloud for highly sensitive data we are trusted to protect and we are a US Company, with our Server Farms on US soil, critical for the legal issues surrounding data collection and storage.

  • We are not a startup, we have been managing huge amounts of data, and safeguarding it with a 99.9% uptime for years - our products are battle tested by the biggest Software Companies (and the smallest).

Since adding the Nalpeiron protection we have experienced a 15% growth in international markets, 8-10% of which we attribute to having the Nalpeiron protection in place.


Nalpeiron’s Nalpeiron offers one of the better client-side software protection models we’ve seen in the market today.


Cheryl Abram,
Product Manager, Thomson Reuters


Reasons to partner with Nalpeiron

Since 2005

10+ years track record of service and reliability


battle tested, enterprise-class, performance


company and servers based in the US

New for 2015

re-designed from the ground up, now even better


rock-solid uptime reliability record

Low Risk

mature and proven partner

Nalpeiron are your low risk, trusted partner

Join those who have already chosen Nalpeiron

Nalpeiron is one of the most widely deployed and robust total solutions on the market. Nalpeiron's software license manager supports millions of end users all in our US-based private cloud. We are proud to partner with some of the world's greatest companies.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Your core competency:    Develop world class software.
  • Our core competency:      Help you analyze, protect and manage your software using our software license manager.