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App Stores – A Seesaw Tipped In Your Favor?

There are many App Stores nowadays, spearheaded by the major names, each aiming to be king of an ecosystem or queen of their specialty or geography.

On paper, you get to place your Software in the best shop window and shopping mall to sell your software. It won’t be pride of place though, so think down in the corner of the window tucked behind the credit card window sticker symbols.

The truth is often that without further promotion and associated costs and effort, you don’t get anything like the exposure that you might think you’ll get.

Plus, often you have to pay of course, sometimes up to 30% of everything you sell.

But App Stores come at more than just the price of commission

Even more to pay than that? Well yes, think of the costs…

Each App Store that has its own licensing, you’re going to have to skew your code to make the version needed.

Each time you have to go through submission processes, and that can mean when you do software updates, you now have to release them through each App Store you use. 

You likely have to be vetted, financial processes need to be sorted, contracts reviewed and signed.

…all these things cost money, plus, once you’ve skewed your code, you’re committed in that regard to when it comes to upkeep, management, releases and release processes on each app store.

Many companies also find they can’t use the License Models they prefer when they aren’t supported by an App Store’s licensing.

There are other, much cheaper and more agile ways to monetize your software

How about considering a Licensing Platform that once you’ve integrated with, you are free to monetize using a wide array of licensing models that you likely have not taken advantage of yet.

If you don’t sell in the way your customers want to buy, you will not be effectively monetizing your software and you could be losing out big time compared to your competition.

Zentitle is highly adaptable and flexible, designed to maximise the monetization potential of your software and it is relied upon 24x7x365 to do exactly that by top name ISVs.

Grab a quick meeting, it only takes a few seconds to request and in a friendly informative 20 minute chat we can see if Zentitle might be a great fit for your business.

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