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#1 Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform - quickly release new Software Licensing Models and monetize your offerings

Perpetual, Subscription, Named-User, Concurrent, Usage-Based - any Software Business Model
Online / Offline Licensing, License Key or Account-Based
On-Premise Applications, SaaS and IoT

Zentitle Software Licensing Platform for ISVs

Do you produce software and need a Software Licensing Platform that is built to control revenue and manage end-user entitlements in a much more efficient and connected way?

Zentitle Cloud-Based Software Licensing delivers all the Software Licensing Models you need for effective Software Monetization, with easy management of customer entitlements and in-built Analytics.

Software Licensing Cloud Based

Leverage new Software License Models to increase sales

Zentitle allows you to easily monetize your software by adopting modern Licensing Models. At last, you can allow your customers to buy in all the ways they want to, along with a user experience that is friction-free and simple.

Whether you want to use Account Based Licensing (Username / Password) or traditional License Keys, Zentitle makes it easy for you to support new Subscription, Concurrent, Consumption, Feature Based models and more.

Software Monetization using Software Licensing

Software Licensing that drives your software business

From Trials to Upgrades we help you manage your entire lifecycle for all your customers

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Entitlements. Connected. Delivered in all environments, online, offline and SaaS.

Software Licensing Platform

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Why choose Zentitle and Nalpeiron as your licensing partner

What Our Customers Say

Nalpeiron are relied upon across the globe to allow end-users to do amazing things with their Software.
Software Companies at the cutting edge of shaping tomorrow's world use Zentitle.

Software Licensing Testimonial

After using home grown licensing and then Flexera, we searched for a new licensing system and after talking with several possible vendors we decided we liked what we saw from Nalpeiron. Our support burden due to licensing has dropped away and things work smoothly.

- Jonathan Pace, COO, Alibre

Software Licensing Testimonial

We wanted to move away from our proprietary licensing, which we’d been using for years, and to switch to truly modern technology. After discussing our licensing requirements with Nalpeiron, it became evident that we’d found a provider who would work with us on our monetization strategy.

- Philippe Fontan, Objectif Lune

Software Licensing Testimonial

Zentitle allows us to meet customer needs in a flexible and reactive manner, selling them what they need. Zentitle is a money maker. Nalpeiron’s support really stands out. They have always been able to answer our questions and are really responsive - that’s one of the things about Nalpeiron we really value.

- Gerald Chrisinger, Spacelabs Healthcare

A new kind of relationship with your licensing vendor
All modern license models supported, with 99.9% uptime SLA, industry leading pedigree and world class support

Software Licensing OSes and Platforms

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Make your workflow easier, your customer experience slicker and supercharge your sales by using Webhooks, API or 1000s of prebuilt Zapier integrations

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All the features you need

Adaptable and powerful. 1000s of top software companies rely on Nalpeiron to deliver a solution that meets all their requirements.

Online and Offline Licensing


End-users can activate online or offline. Zentitle is a powerful hosted platform with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Licensing Usage Analytics


See how your software is performing out in the wild. Track users, features, usage adoption, location, platform and much more.

Simple Migration of Licensing


Bring over all your existing clients license codes and entitlements. We help to eliminate disruption to older existing client bases.

Multi-Platform Licensing


Zentitle works on Windows, Mac and Linux, ARM, Android and Embedded Linux. Ship to multiple platforms faster and with less engineering effort.

Software Licensing Best Experience


Your end-users get a smooth, fast and hassle free experience. You can even deliver them upgrades without the need for re-installs.

Software Licensing API


Fast standards-based integration and control. Connect up your existing systems with your licensing data.

Software Subscription Licensing


Adopt the modern subscription based business models that the large software houses are using to drive an increasing revenue.

Software Licensing Renewals


Easy to set and control maintenance periods and contracts associated with each software license.

Software Trials Optimization


Ship as trials with no effort, then special dashboards give instant analytics on trial conversions and sales cycles.

Software Licensing Application Agility


Tailor user licenses, even assigning custom fields and values to their application upon activation.

Software Licensing for VMs


Virtualization and sandboxing is a killer to standard licensing but not to Nalpeiron.

Software Licensing with Analytics


Use Zentitle Software Analytics to gain invaluable insight into how your software is being used

You’re in safe hands!

100s of the world's leading software manufacturers rely on us 24x7x365

Companies using Software Licensing

100s of ISVs and 1,000,0000s of their customers rely on Zentitle, allowing them to focus on using their software, never having to deal with the hassles and complexities of lesser licensing systems.

Companies using Software Licensing today

Protect your intellectual property and lower your costs
while giving users a great experience

Software Licensing SLA

• Multi-platform - Windows, Mac, Linux, ARM, Android and all related IDEs
• All servers located here in the USA
• 10+ Years Pedigree in Software Security
• Easy to retro-fit to your Software and get shipping
• Private Cloud saves you $10,000’s of infrastructure costs

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