Go to market faster and at a lower cost

Quickly and easily implement packaging and pricing with flexible licensing models, without ongoing engineering

Drive recurring revenue models. Gain market share from your competition.

Springboard for software sales growth

Save your business development time and money with our enterprise-class ready-to-go software licensing and distribution API.

Quickly and securely integrate our cloud-based developer APIs into your software or hardware product on any major operating system.

Business focussed. Growth focussed.
‍Deliver value to customers immediately.

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New pricing and packaging, accelerated

Zentitle gives you complete control over how customers interact with your product based on their pricing plan.

With our flexible licensing API, you can quickly release any upgrade flow, feature gating, or pricing logic into your product.

New pricing and packaging accelerated.
Sell in the ways that win business.

software pricing and packaging delivered quicker

Use a proven software monetization platform

Zentitle simplifies implementing packaging and pricing with flexible licensing models. Quickly and easily launch and manage new product offerings without ongoing engineering.

Decoupling the application and licensing allows your team to easily define or change product editions, trials, subscriptions or pay-as-you-go models, putting control and iteration directly in the hands of your Product team.

For simple to complex software products.
Unlock full monetization potential.

proven software monetization platform

All sales channels. Any licensing models.

1000’s software companies have used Zentitle to monetize their software products much faster, many going from startup to IPO on our platform.

Save engineering time. Reduce infrastructure costs. Get your software to market quickly.

Release new software licensing models fast

Zentitle is incredibly flexible, meeting the use-cases of simple and very complex business models.

Subscription licensing, usage-based licensing, perpetual, concurrent. Completely flexible licensing possibilities to monetize your product portfolio much more effectively.

Achieve plan-market-fit.
Sell in the ways customers want to buy.
Gain market share and grow revenues.

  • Across Desktop, Server, SaaS, Mobile, and IoT
  • Industry-leading Cloud Based Software Licensing Solution
  • Account Based Licensing with a brandable End-User Portal for your customers
  • Easy to integrate and deploy
  • Proven Platform with World Class Support
  • Remove dependency upon engineering when releasing new product offerings, bundles and tiers.

Flexible and powerful

Support prepaid or pay-as-you-go pricing models. Build plans based on seats, API calls, storage, feature access, usage credits, and more. Users can upgrade, crossgrade, and downgrade on the fly.

Manage complex seat models, network-based offline models, recurring subscriptions, bespoke enterprise plans, and usage-based entitlements. Easily update advanced pricing plans via our API or UI and roll them out without delay.

Monetize based on any dimension or feature.
Seat based licensing with powerful control.

flexible software licensing that is powerful for monetization

All your sales channels

Zentitle is versatile enough to handle any business model, from self-serve PLG motions to your bespoke SLG enterprise plans, all in one system.

Wherever your sales originate from, Zentitle empowers you to monetize effectively.

Sales led growth and product led growth are both driven by simple entitlement delivery and management, working in-sync with your systems.

Automated sales, eCommerce and PLG.
Sales team led sales and fulfillment.

sales channels for software business

Save money and reduce risks

Accelerate your business growth and partner with Nalpeiron to reduce risks and your overheads

Reduce costs

It’s lower cost and risk to use a specialist like Nalpeiron. Avoid the expensive up-front and ongoing costs of building an in-house licensing solution.

Reallocate resources to your core business by removing the need for homegrown licensing infrastructure and developers.

Scalable and robust

Utilize a battle-tested (with hundreds of millions of users since 2005) ready-to-use cloud-based licensing environment with 99.9% availability and unlimited scalability.

Scale your licensing infrastructure to support multiple product variants and any volume of users. Scale your operations. Effortlessly go from hundreds of users to millions. We'll handle the infrastructure so your team can focus on the product.

Self-built risk

In-house development of licensing systems comes with significant risk.

Specialists in licensing are costly and hard to find. Even more of a problem is you keeping these staff and when they leave, their knowledge leaves with them.

Not only will it take time to replace them you have a considerable risk to your self-built monetization systems during that time.

Infrastructure cost savings

Maintaining your infrastructure is a fixed cost, whereas moving to the Zentitle cloud means having a specialized solution at a fraction of the costs of your infrastructure.

Our cloud-based infrastructure is scalable, it grows with you. If you self-build, your own infrastructure would need to do the same.

Future proof

Protect your business from unreliable homegrown systems with an industry-proven enterprise licensing platform.

Future-proof your software licensing to meet evolving business needs, operational requirements, and service level expectations now and in the future.

New markets

Using Zentitle, you will ensure your licensing solution can support evolving business models for new products in new markets.

Zentitle has the benefit of continuous ongoing investment with a proven long-term commitment (since 2005) to the development of new features and capabilities.

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