Your Partner for Software Business Growth

Unlike our competitors, we are a partner, not a supplier. Many of our customers have been with us for over ten years, and we have helped them grow from startups to IPO/M&A

Partner in your success

Being a partner is not the same as being a supplier. Many of our clients have leaned on us to offer best practices, consult on their strategy as subject matter experts, to work with them on implementation, planning, and rollout.

We provide training, helping development teams craft successful products, enabling product teams to price and package these products to win.

Go to market fast. Grow fast.

partner in your software monetization success

18 Years+ the leader in cloud-based licensing

As a software, SaaS or hardware company, you need to know you are in safe hands. When you choose Zentitle by Nalpeiron, you are choosing to put your trust in a highly established licensing vendor with vast experience, not a startup operation.

You will be in the company of top name software companies across the globe who use Zentitle to monetize and control their products to their user bases, with smooth operations which drastically lower support tickets.

leader in cloud-based software licensing for 15 years plus

Why choose us

  • Deep expertise: We’re your knowledgeable guide for licensing and monetization strategy
  • Strong technology: Best-in-class solution; industry-leading cloud-first solution to control your SaaS, on-premise, and hardware/IoT solutions; outstanding scalability, reliability, and availability
  • Responsive, world-class support: Developer-focused support and ongoing post-sales support
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Innovative specialist

Nalpeiron came first. We pioneered cloud-based software licensing in 2005, and for all that time, we have delivered Software licensing and entitlement management, pricing, and monetization tools and services.

We constantly improve and build on our platform to offer customers the latest tools to help monetize their SaaS, IoT, and Enterprise Software products.

Unlike our competitors, we have two issued US patents on our technology.

patented software licensing patents

Reliable. Dependable. Contactable.

1000’s software companies have used Zentitle to monetize their software products much faster, many going from startup to IPO on our platform.


1000s of customers have trusted us since 2005 to help them monetize $100,000,000s. They didn’t pick just anyone to trust with that task. They picked a player with a track record of proven technology and quality of service.

After 15+ years, we are here because we delivered when our customers needed it most, and they continue to support us.

Track record of successful partnership

trust in software licensing and entitlements management

For over 15 years, Nalpeiron has maintained an SLA of over 99.9% - a proven track record of reliability.

Most of our competitors haven’t been around that long, let alone offer uptime guarantees or service quality.

Technology and support that you can rely on to grow your software revenues.

Reliable and dependable

reliability sla software entitlements and software licensing management
Support near you

Nalpeiron has staff in the US, the UK, and mainland Europe. We are a US-based company, and our IP is located here, as is our management team.

Unlike our competitors, who are often based elsewhere with only a US virtual address, we have real support staff in the US and Europe ready to help your team when needed.

World-class support.
Fully responsive and there for you.

software licensing technical support
Enterprise-class service

The needs of the enterprise are very different from those of a small business. Managing a complex set of requirements with many stakeholders requires a partner that has domain expertise and can share that with your team.

With key customers and large amounts of revenue $ on the line – you want real people ready to ensure your products succeed in the long term.

A partner that is there when you need us.

enterprise class service for software and saas entitlements delivery

Despite offering an enterprise-class platform, we make our service affordable for startups. Pricing starts at a low monthly fee and grows as you succeed.

Even startups need a reliable partner. How do you grow if the poor service of your licensing infrastructure partner damages your product? You rely on us to support your products in the field; if we are down, so are you!

Large enterprises or startups.
We offer the best service to our customers.

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Zentitle - the Enterprise-Class Software Monetization Platform

18 Years+

Track Record


Revenues Protected


Transactions / Month


Uptime SLA for 10 Years+

Meets the standards for scale, security and operational excellence demanded by enterprise-class software companies

Robust Licensing

Supports 100M's users 24x7x365 for the world's leading software companies

The Pioneer

The pioneer in Cloud-Based Software Licensing Since 2005

World-Class Support

Responsive, developer focused onboarding and post-sales support

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Nalpeiron: Your Partner for Software Business Growth

There are lots of technology choices, but very few true long-term partners in your success

100s of Enterprise Software and Hardware vendors trust Nalpeiron as their long term partner

From startup to $1Bn in ARR partnering with Nalpeiron

Partner for 8 years

From startup to VC funding to IPO for millions of users, all on Zentitle

Partner for 14 years