Automate licensing and entitlements

Streamline order fulfillment and license delivery

With Zentitle, you can automate operational and financial processes.
Free your team to focus on offering a great user experience.

Freedom to focus

Software Entitlements are at the core of many business processes, including initial order entry, renewals, revenue recognition, and more.

Automate operational and financial processes, freeing your team to focus on offering great software and products.

Remove manual steps.
Order fulfillment and license delivery is simple.
Free up valuable development resources.

software entitlements lets you focus on your core competencies
3rd party and in-house systems

Connected systems

Zentitle provides the no-code APIs to connect your systems, enabling automation and reducing human error.

Remove manual processes

Automate fulfillment

Automate license creation and delivery, while providing business intelligence through integrated reporting and tracking of end-user entitlements.

Manage entitlements

End-user support

Provides your support and product teams with the interfaces to manage your products, offerings, customers, and their entitlements from your systems or directly on our platform.

Operational costs lowered

Reduce overheads

Reduce software licensing and distribution costs by eliminating the need for dedicated and costly staff overhead. Simplify supply chain processes, ensure business continuity, reduce risk and eliminate operational overhead.

Easily add Zentitle to your tech stack

Integrations with commonly used tooling - currently NetSuite, Salesforce, Stripe, Fastspring, Okta, and many more using our Zapier integration.

Easily add Zentitle to your tech stack and quickly make workflows that speed up your daily tasks.

Now you can support the entire software licensing supply chain with integrated and automated workflows.

Integrations with your systems

add software licensing to your tech stack

Fast monetization

Once you have integrated Zentitle with your offerings, you will have empowered your Product Management Team.

Product management can now work with Sales, Marketing, and Finance to sell your product lines using a full array of licensing models, from conventional to modern.

Go-to-market faster.
New licensing models.
New pricing and packaging deployed fast.

  • Easily integrate with third-party solutions (CRM, ERP, E-commerce) via open APIs
  • Get complete control of customer rights and entitlements
  • Manage complex and extensive product portfolios and SKUs throughout their lifecycle
  • An API-first service enabling deployment flexibility and high levels of automation.
  • Reduce Operational Overheads

Connect your users through their usual identity provider

Zentitle connects to your existing Identity Platform for frictionless adoption of your products.

Your customers systems supported.

  • Seamlessly integrate with whichever IDP you use.
  • Based on open standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML2
  • Gives your customers an easy way to access all your applications using a single identity, from SaaS to On-Prem to IoT
  • Supports Federated Identity environments

Save engineering time and resources

In addition to automations and connectivity, we provide time-saving tools like our customizable online self-service support for your end-users.

This saves you time and money, not having to build critical support infrastructure while offering user-friendly ways to work with your users.

Self-serve end-user portal.
Helpdesk support for end-users is made easier.

save software engineering resources

Future proofed. Business focussed.

1000’s software companies have used Zentitle to monetize their software products much faster, many going from startup to IPO on our platform.

Save engineering time. Reduce infrastructure costs. Get your software to market quickly.

Streamline order to cash

For product-led motions (PLG) connect with Stripe, FastSpring, or other eCommerce providers to deliver a fully automated purchase-to-delivery experience for your customers, making it easy to buy your software.

For sales-led motion (SLG) connect with ERP, billing, and CRM systems along with Zentitle platform UI tools to enable fast and effective delivery of entitlements to larger clients.

All your sales channels.
Fast delivery and fast payments.

streamline order to cash for software sales

All your needs now and in the future

Zentitle allows you to support multiple licensing systems. Your team can merge all your homegrown, legacy, and third-party licensing applications into a single, unified licensing management platform.

Control legacy applications and hybrid / Saas products with many different business models.

Manage hybrid subscription and consumption models in one platform.

A single, unified licensing platform.
Manage your entire product portfolio including product acquisitions.

future proofed software licensing for product portfolios and acquistions
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