Create, control and track entitlements

Software Licensing is all about delivering Entitlements to your Customers

With Zentitle, you control your customers’ purchases and all changes throughout their lifecycle

Create Entitlements

Zentitle enables you to provision your customers (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), manage their rights, with simple license activation and deactivation.

A great end-user experience while enabling your team to know what’s going on, how much is being used, and if there are opportunities for growth.

Any environment

Easily deploy on-premises, in networks, to SaaS, or with embedded devices and iOT

Any business model

Subscription, Concurrent, Consumption, Feature Based models, and more.

Account-based licensing

Login-and-use for your customers, with username and password

Frictionless for end-users

Licensing tasks are so simple, support tickets drop by up to 60%

create and track software licensing entitlements

Zentitle is your single source of truth

Zentitle is a central entitlement Management and Insights platform, enabling you and your team to easily interact with your customers.

A cloud-based platform with all the tools you need to manage your business effectively

Full suite of Licensing Models

Zentitle is incredibly flexible, meeting the use-cases of simple and very complex business models.


Easily provide trials which are time limited, number of runs limited, feature limited, or any combination you like.


Subscriptions can be offered for any kind of product, OnPremise, Server, SaaS or even Hardware and IoT.


Traditional licenses are simple to use and simple to migrate from any existing licensing platform you use.

Concurrent for B2B

Business customer licensing where a fixed amount of people or devices can use your software at any one time.

Licensing of Resources

If your software or SaaS products permit access to connected resources, these can be easily limited or throttled by Zentitle.

Network Licensing

For your customers operating Dark Sites where there is no internet access available, use Zentitle's Network Licensing.

Consumption Based

Track software usage for pre or post-pay billing to your customers. Zentitle makes allocating consumption rights simple.

Account Based Licensing

Customers can log-in-and-use your software the modern way, simply entering their email address and password.

Hybrid Licensing

Installed software which is connected to a cloud-based or SaaS element can be controlled by the same license.

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Control Entitlements

Using our Dynamic Entitlements, the complexity of license entitlement updates is completely removed for you and your customers.

You can easily upgrade, downgrade or change features on demand, without the end-user having to do anything to use what they now own.

Legacy licensing platforms often force your customers to install a brand new license when they want to upgrade or modify their rights, unnecessarily overwhelming them with complex license file management. Not with Zentitle.

Empower Product Management.
Significantly reduce support tickets.
Higher customer satisfaction

control software licensing entitlements

Prevent Misuse

Control also relates to the usage (or misuse of your software). Zentitle provides robust copy protection and fingerprinting technology that keeps honest users honest while preventing common ways to abuse your software rights.

Unlike our competitors, we are true innovators in licensing security.

Nalpeiron has two issued US patents on its software licensing technology.

prevent software misuse and illegal use of your software


Your customers can self-manage their own licenses using Zentitle's brandable end-user portal.

Your business customers can control which employees can use what, within each department.

Your resellers can also control the licenses that they are selling on your behalf.

End-user portal.
Customers have the control they want.
Less support overheads for you.

self service end user portal software licensing

Usage intelligence helps you make better decisions

Drive revenue from your software and your existing customers

Reduce Churn. Maximize Renewal Rates. Upsell and Cross-sell.

Track Entitlements

Maximize revenue opportunities by understanding exactly how your customers use the plans and licenses they’ve purchased so you can target and grow accounts with the greatest sales potential.

With these insights, you can reduce churn, maximize renewal rates and identify accounts ripe for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Identify opportunities.
Upsell and cross-sell more effectively.

track software entitlements

Improve development

Once you know how your customers are using your Software, you can make informed decisions on how to develop your product.

By knowing what users use and what they don’t, avoid wasting effort on low-value features and concentrate on delivering functionality that will delight existing customers and draw new ones in.

Develop the right features.
Avoid costly development waste.

improve software development

Reduced Support

Integrated Analytics not only enables you to reveal trends and patterns but also serves as a way to augment and reveal data about specific end-users.

You won't need to ask Support questions such as the hardware and OS they are running on, as you can already see it from the moment they activate.

Much simpler licensing for your end-users.

See support tickets significantly reduce.
Helpdesks get automatic insights.

reduced software support

Consumption Models

Tracking your application usage for on-prem, SaaS, and IoT products is possible even on a feature-by-feature basis.

This data can flow into your billing processes to achieve pre-paid and post-pay consumption models. Zentitle’s consumption-based licensing is built to cover the intricacies and nuances of different use cases.

Track usage.
Charge for software usage.

software licensing consumption models usage based


Actionable insights give you the ability to focus on where you have true opportunities and sales traction.

Your customers gain visibility too, while you reduce the risk of customer churn.

Focus your efforts where financial return is most likely, driven by licensing analytics.

  • Full visibility into which applications, models, and features customers are using
  • Better visibility into revenue streams
  • Self-service tools for customers to view and manage licenses themselves
  • Reduce customer churn by getting warning signs as early as possible
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