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Dealing With Customer Rights And Large Product Portfolios

If you have a complexly structured or large expanding product portfolio you’ll know all too well how painful the management of customer rights can get.

When your products are available to customers through a great many different offerings, architected and deployed in disparate ecosystems, delivering what customers have purchased through multiple ongoing orders can be hard.

Reliance upon manual processes is prone to mistakes. Heavy dependency upon self-built automation also soon breaks down. Why? Because the operational problems are just too deep and nuanced.

What’s the problem?

Enterprise businesses who have either a large portfolio of SaaS products / micro services, or Hardware Companies who are adding to the mix Cloud-Based features which add value to their hardware, both end up with complex pictures of customer purchase history and current rights.

Business customers with changing needs drive more complexity to their product ownership with each additional order they make.

Before long, it becomes difficult to see a clear and definitive picture of ownership. Sales and customer success teams don’t have the clarity they need to grow accounts, Financial Operations can’t plan, and all sorts of customer frictions and frustrations arise when they can’t get on with using the products they’ve paid for.

Is this you?

Are you looking for light at the end of this tunnel?

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