Don’t Risk Your Growth Plan with Multiple Licensing Platforms

If you’ve experienced an acquisition or merger, it’s presented a new challenge for your software licensing program. If you don’t integrate into one system, you’ll experience these issues:

  • Disconnected information about customers from entitlements to renewal
  • Wasted support time accessing multiple systems
  • No single point of visibility for business planning and more

We've had customers who needed to consolidate up to 12 different licensing platforms, including a combination of third-party commercial and homegrown licensing. Others have fewer systems but the impact is the still the same. Multiple systems cause risks and lost time.

One Platform for Visibility and Simplicity

Consolidation offers the visibility for an acquisition or growth plan to be successful. It creates a better customer experience and helps your support team provide faster answers to questions. One licensing platform results in full integration with your ERP and CRM environments, which eliminates your support and renewals teams looking up information in different systems. You can also roll out new business models across your entire portfolio products in a much more streamlined manner.

The Path to Truly Agile

Nalpeiron’s Zentitle offers a one-stop shop solution, whether you're working with desktop software, server-based software, mobile (individual applications, Android) or embedded devices (IoT gateways). When one vendor integrates all of your environments and portfolio of products into one consistent entitlement management platform, it simplifies integration. The connection with your ERP and CRM environments and rolling out brand new models becomes very easy. You become truly agile through powerful entitlement management.

In addition to traditional on-premise deployment for devices, mobile servers and desktops, our customers are now also integrating their SAS offerings with traditional entitlements for one overall platform that manages rights from SAS to individual devices.

Choose easy. Choose smart. Contact Nalpeiron today to learn more about the benefits of single platform licensing.

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