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Yes, Employees Outside of Secure Sites Can Continue Using software

Covid19 has seen many changes to how the workforce make use of I.T.

Employees, of a vast array of different kinds of companies, have been needing to make use of their software outside of their traditional physical workplace, with much more regularity.

One differentiator that is relevant between these companies (that you sell your software to), is that some of them have I.T. security restrictions in place on their premises, specifically meaning that regular internet access is prohibited.

One thing in common with these companies is that in order for the licensing technology to keep tabs on who is entitled to use your software and who is not, the instances of your software have to ‘check in’ with a server somewhere, to establish the permissions of what they are allowed to do.

Premises or environments where internet access is quite rightfully restricted are what we refer to as ‘dark sites’. In these instances, companies can deploy a Network Licensing Server or “Lan Daemon” on their local area network, for software to ‘check in’ to. However, in normal 'internet connected' environments this ‘check in’ simply happens to servers on the cloud, hence the term “Cloud-based Software Licensing”.

A failure to ‘check in’ can, by quite proper and intentional design, result in someone’s software ceasing to be able to be used. So, when an employee knows they are going to be away from a connection, whether that be them knowing they will be having “no internet” for a while, or knowing they are going to be using a laptop that is normally used within a Dark Site which normally talks to a Network Licensing Server but they have now taken it home for some remote working, what do they do?

The answer is a Long Term Checkout or LTCO.

Zentitle now allows the exact same simple underlying method for this, for Network Licensing and for Cloud-Based Licensing, making it easy for employees to keep on working, wherever they are.

As a Software Vendor, you will know this is incredibly important, as your paying customers, who buy your software, want to simply get on with using it, with the minimum of fuss.

Zentitle is built in a Customer-Centric fashion. When licensing is done right, it’s all about your end-customers, and in turn this makes ultimate sense for you as a vendor.

Contact us now to talk about licensing, and how to meet the needs of your most demanding customers and use cases.

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