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If Only You Could See What’s Actually Happening With Your Software

As an ISV, you might already use an Analytics Platform to gather data on how your software is being used. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of value to be had when this is done right, guiding you to focus your engineering resources on the very aspects of your software that are truly used by your customer base.

If you want to get serious though, what you really need is License Usage Analytics, but this can only be done properly if the analytics works hand-in-hand with your Licensing Platform.

Analytics that is disconnected from your licensing will never have anywhere near as much value.

Additionally, analytics that only offers its own 'canned reports' can also hold you back if the revelations you are really looking for simply won’t be revealed by those limited reports.

What you really need is Licensing Analytics.

Zentitle changes the game and captures the licensing event data you need to reveal where revenue is being leaked and lost, and where revenue opportunities are.

The numbers are not insignificant - how about revealing 3000 illegal attempts to activate a software title in a day, that represents $500k+ worth of software sales had these been legitimate and paid for? – this is just one real world example.

Get the full picture. Only by knowing which software licenses are being abused, and where this abuse comes from can you begin to address and plug these holes.

Zentitle’s Licensing Analytics does much more than that though, it can get you all the data you need for true BI reporting on all forms of software licensing auditing and software license activity.

Pipe-where-you-like assures you get the most value, by choosing where you want your analytics data, in the format you need it.

If you sell Software or Hardware and have a vision for your analytics and need a partner who can deliver, grab a meeting with us to discuss your requirements.

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