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Software Licensing - Relationship Counselling or Time To Move On?

At first it was so exciting.
In the early days they paid attention to me.
It was like we had the world of software licensing at our feet.
I don’t know what happened :(

Is this you and your Software Licensing Vendor?
Are they just not the dynamic, attractive proposition that they once were? Set in their ways, does everything seem hard going?

Hey, the interactions between you and your Software Licensing Vendor are a relationship, and over time things can run their course...

Surely you deserve better! ...is it time to move on?

If you don’t want to go through similar again you'll be looking for what you really want from a Licensing Partner, the kinds of things that all discerning ISVs want (and hey, let's face it, it's not asking too much either) ...

  • A responsive company that listens
  • A proactive vendor that is working for your future
  • A supplier that is highly experienced and dependable, that leads in its industry
  • A company that has world-class Support that is accessible and responsive
  • A company that has a proven, battle tested, refreshingly thought out Licensing Platform that can do all the things you want now, and in future

At Nalpeiron, we pride ourselves on how we work with our ISVs on their licensing strategy and the execution of it – we are a true partner to our customers.

Plus, we offer the leading Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform to back this up. Zentitle. It is built to deliver on the wide ranging needs of the most demanding of Enterprise ISVs.

The combination of how we work with our customers together with Zentitle, our licensing platform, means we are much more than just a choice of product for our customers. We are that ideal Licensing Partner that you and your software business deserves.

Need any more persuading that Nalpeiron are worth a look? Well, Zentitle has been built with a customer-centric approach...

What does this mean to your customers? It means they barely notice the licensing operations and interactions that happen in order for them get using and keep using their software, even when their entitlements change!

What does this mean to you? ISVs who come to us have been experiencing up to 60% of their support tickets being down to customers with licensing frustrations. ISVs who choose us notice the fantastic effect Zentitle has on reducing this, even moving staff off support.

Grab a quick informal meeting for you and your team, and let’s see what we can do together!

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