Looking for Software Licensing?  ...Take a look at Zentitle - The #1 Cloud-Based Licensing Platform

NEED Software Licensing?  ...Look at Zentitle

Want to move to Zentitle Licensing? What’s it like?

So, you’re wanting to change your software licensing. The chances are that your reasons for looking to move to Zentitle are similar to those of software vendors that already have.

Disillusionment with their current provider, the likes of Flexera (Revenera) and Gemalto is often the case. Maybe you too have grown weary and frustrated with your licensing provider and find that the relationship has broken down.

You might be driven by the realization that a homegrown solution you developed in-house is just not cutting the mustard anymore, or have a myriad of technical and operational problems.

Well, whatever your reason here are some things people that have been in your position have said:

"What we like about Nalpeiron is the relationship we have with them: it’s productive, assured, and if we need something or want to run an idea past them, they are there. Very different from many tech providers that you can’t get hold of".

"We found the flexibility and support that we needed to grow the business".

"The way we have integrated with Zentitle makes our licensing work much smoother than how it did with our previous vendor. Everything is integrated with Salesforce, initiated by our sales reps and ecommerce, automatically dealing with issuing of license codes and the specific entitlements required".

"What we’ve enjoyed about Nalpeiron is that it is easy to integrate, it has all the features we need, the price is right, and we are able to customize it to meet modern use cases just as we want them. We haven’t ever considered switching".

"Nalpeiron were very responsive when we initially engaged with them and have continued to be, it’s a really good partnership".

"For any large software company that prizes the value of what they are making, Nalpeiron is the best way of ensuring the security of their software – and for a large company, that’s really important. With Nalpeiron, we can finally stop stressing over licensing issues and focus on what we do best: building great software".

"Our engineers were amazed at how easy it was to implement and we had something up and running in a day. We were impressed".

"The Nalpeiron team thought of things we hadn’t considered, which helped us prepare and simplify processes. Plus, we have a relationship with Nalpeiron which we didn’t have with our previous vendor. Conversations continue about how we can continue to leverage all the capabilities of the platform and grow. It’s been a great partnership".

"Our relationship has continued to be of great value and we’ve never looked back".

...we know software vendors have all sorts of differing requirements and we’d love to listen to yours.

So, if you’re thinking about switching your licensing, grab a quick meeting.

We’d love to hear from you. Who knows what will come from a cup of coffee length chat?

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