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When it Comes to Software Licensing There is Nothing Like DataStream

When it comes to Software Licensing there is nothing like DataStream.

What? What is it? ...well, analytics has for a long time been at the forefront of company thinking, except the truth has often dawned that having data in itself is no indicator of being able to take informed, effective action. 'Vanity by volume' counts for nothing when it comes to analytics.

What companies really need is the right data to act on. Data that can be used to reveal answers. Data that is actionable.

So, when it comes to the software vendors who use our software licensing platform, Zentitle, we went on a mission to make sure we could provide the analytics data that would actually meet and drive the business processes and insights that they really wanted to know.

What was also apparent, through consulting with Zentitle customers, is that their requirements differed, not just by what they wanted to know, but by exactly where they wanted the data sent in order to get their answers!

Zentitle now has DataStream, a flexible, 'pipe-where-you-like' approach to all your generated data.

Take any (or all) of the following four types of data for each of your products and decide where you want it to go; configure your chosen endpoints, or use Segment to help you, wherever you want your different types of data, you can have it.

Licensing Data - all the event data around your licensing activity is captured, every activation, deactivation, call-ins to the platform, it’s all available, so whatever you want to know about license usage, you can have it.

Product Usage Data - all the data which shows how your customers are using your software, every run, every instance, even every feature they use or click on, the hardware and OSes they run it on, it’s all there. Whether you want insight into one particular user or customer, or an all-encompassing look at general usage and adoption patterns, here’s everything you need.

Zentitle UI Interaction Data - the audit trail of changes made by any and all of your customer service reps, within the Zentitle UI, so that you can find out what changes have been made, by who, and when.

Webservices Data - for companies that are using our APIs to have Zentitle work alongside their own bespoke backend systems, or with CRM systems such as Salesforce or Netsuite, as well as eCommerce, each API interaction with Zentitle is recorded.

DataStream is an enabler for so many use cases, and Zentitle customers are finding it gives them the ability to deliver answers to questions that they have a real need to know the answers for.

If you don’t already use Zentitle, reach out for a demo of our whole platform, discuss your use cases with us, we love to talk licensing and love to work with customers to drive their success.

If you do already use Zentitle, get in touch with your Account Manager here at Nalpeiron and we can walk you through DataStream and how you can get started too!

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