Looking for an alternative to Flexera for your Software Licensing?

Our Enterprise Class Software Licensing Platform is exactly the Flexera alternative that you’ve been waiting for.

Say goodbye to clunky FlexNet Operations and Flexnet Publisher.
Say goodbye to the limitations of old-style cumbersome License Files.

Say hello to the leader of Cloud-Based Software Licensing.

Moving from Flexera to the leading Cloud-based Software Licensing platform is easier than you think...

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Yes, you can have an alternative to Flexera that not only does what Flexera does already but makes much lighter work of Entitlement delivery, and turn Entitlement Updates into a one step operation.

Nalpeiron’s Licensing is much less restrictive, it’s Cloud-Based and works on all OSes to deliver then manage any License Model. We are the established leader in Software Licensing that’s Cloud-Based just as Salesforce is for CRM.

Say goodbye to spiralling costs and decreasing value.

Migrating away from Flexera for your next product release cycle is entirely realistic and achieveable. So, freeing yourself from the shackles of out-dated Flexera paradigms is much easier than you may think!

You can be enjoying and leveraging:

Where Flexera falls down, Nalpeiron stands up.

If you’re interested in modern Software Licensing from a company that listens to its Customers, is 100% responsive, is great to deal with and can take you forward whether you make Desktop Software, Server Software, Mobile Software, or IoT Software and Devices then let's talk.

Here at Nalpeiron we listen to you and work with you. We’re responsive and available to our customers and we are proud to be the industry leader in Cloud-Based Software Licensing.

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