Nalpeiron is well known for it's easy to implement solutions and a lot of this reputation is because of our incredibly dedicated support team who are at hand to help and assist you. Technical support can make or break your product. When your company's future is at stake on your software product, you can rely on your Software License infrastructure supplier Nalpeiron to help.

With over 10 years experience it's likely we will have seen your situation before and can help you implement, manage and support your applications in the field. With millions of consumers using our technology all over the world, on every platform, you can be assured that our product is well tested and robust.

We recognize that the success of your business frequently depends on timely answers to your questions. If you send a support request, your incident will be returned as soon as possible, usually within a few hours and up to 24 hours.

We are a US (and UK) based Company and cover 16 hours of the day in support across most time zones.

Logging a Support Request

Support is available for customers during a trial or with a valid subscription to one of services and is available at as are free Source Code, License Managers, Test Harnesses, Upgrades, Patches and much more to help you speed through your implementation. Please note all support is via our online service.

If you are using Zentitle, our Cloud-Based Licensing and Analytics, you can login to your dashboard and raise a support request by navigating to:
Help > Support > Log a Support Request

What constitutes an incident?

An "Incident" is defined as the service event starting from the initial customer call until closure, or resolution of the problem or issue. An incident is an issue that focuses on one aspect of the product - e.g. assistance with a specific problem or error message. Our Support Engineers always make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue but cannot guarantee all issues are resolved.

What defines a resolved incident?

Once an issue is accepted as being within the extent of technical support, resolution of a technical support issue shall be defined as accomplishing any one of the following:Providing a reasonable solution to the issue.Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue.Determining that the issue is in fact an enhancement request and forwarding the request to the product management team.Escalating the incident/bug to the development team for review.Determination that the open issue cannot be resolved and is closed*

Services not Included in Support

We do not provide free technical support for the following, you must have an Enterprise Support Contract or buy Professional services if you need help with:

Read more about our Professional Services

Services related to training, customization of the Licensed Software, modifications and consultation are not included in technical support services, and the Licensor is not obligated to perform such services; however, the Licensor shall undertake reasonable efforts to accommodate any request by the Licensee for training, customization and/or on-site consultation services, and the Licensor shall charge its then-current rates for time and materials for such services.

You’re in safe hands!

100s of the world's leading software manufacturers rely on us 24x7x365

Companies using Software Licensing

100s of ISVs and 1,000,0000s of their customers rely on Zentitle, allowing them to focus on using their software, never having to deal with the hassles and complexities of lesser licensing systems.

Companies using Software Licensing today

We were very pleased with the ease of deployment/implementation. Every year around renewal time, we go through the buy vs. build question again, but we always decide to continue with Nalpeiron.
......I don’t have to spend any of my time worrying about the licensing or licenses.

OnOne Software   VP Product Development   Kevin Bier

Read about Zentitle's Software Licensing Models, and take a look at how Zentitle's Dynamic Entitlements make short work of delivering entitlements and rights

Nalpeiron's industry leading licensing management solutions help us get our products to market quickly and efficiently and meet our customers' needs ...since we deployed our products using the Nalpeiron solution, we have experienced notable software revenue growth by being able to quickly and easily protect and license our applications

Mark Zucherman   Snr Product Mngr   Zebra Technologies

Read about Zentitle's Software Licensing Models, and take a look at how Zentitle's Dynamic Entitlements make short work of delivering entitlements and rights

The fact that Nalpeiron offers a solution that is up to date, has more extensive features, is flexible, and gives us control over the user experience was what made us decide on them over the competition. After two years in operation, it is plain to us that outsourcing to Nalpeiron has proven to be a prudent decision...

NitroPDF   CEO   Sam Chandler

Read about Zentitle's Software Licensing Models, and take a look at how Zentitle's Dynamic Entitlements make short work of delivering entitlements and rights

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Software Licensing SLA

• Multi-platform - Windows, Mac, Linux, ARM, Android and all related IDEs
• All servers located here in the USA
• 10+ Years Pedigree in Software Security
• Easy to retro-fit to your Software and get shipping
• Private Cloud saves you $10,000’s of infrastructure costs

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