Nalpeiron Marketing System Opt-in Terms

If you receive emails from our marketing system you will have expressly agreed to these Opt-in Terms either at the point of providing your details when submitting a form on which requires you to opt-in due to privacy law, or you may have confirmed your wish to Opt-in using a confirmation button in an email that was sent to you because your details were already in our marketing system previous to March 25th 2018, this email giving you the opportunity to Opt-in.

When you opt-in, we record that you have opted-in, the date and time, and the current version of the terms which you have agreed to.

Please note non-marketing emails are also sent from Nalpeiron to customers and trial customers using our own internal system, these are not covered by these Opt-in Terms and our marketing system does not connect your data to these systems.

Nalpeiron are dedicated to only delivering emails that are of interest and value to you.

In these terms the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect on 25 May 2018 will be referred to which gives each individual more control of his/her personal data. You can learn more about the GDPR here.

Ver 1.0

By agreeing to these Opt-in Terms you agree that Nalpeiron can record the details you submit through a form on in our marketing system, in order to send you emails. Our marketing system is a third party service. Your details may also be recorded in our sales system to allow us to internally monitor the performance of our marketing and to reach out to you to ascertain any further interest you may have in our platform and services.

Our marketing system is used to email :

Our marketing system functions using multiple lists, a list for each type of topic or content. Any email being sent to you will always have an unsubscribe link in the footer, which you can use to unsubscribe from that particular list.

You also have a right to be forgotten in accordance with GDPR law. If you wish to remove yourself from the marketing system please contact us.

If you use a form that requires Opt-in Term consent and provide consent after having previously deleted yourself from the marketing system using the right to be forgotten form, you will be opting in again as per the current version of the Opt-in Terms.

In addition to the information you provide in your form the marketing system may also record your activity on the website in the form of pages visited and your IP address may be logged for the purposes of geo-location. Your geo-location may be used to route any inquiries you have to the appropriately geographically located Nalpeiron operation.

The information you provide is not shared with any other companies, it is only used by Nalpeiron.