Referral Program

Refer Zentitle, receive rewards

Know someone who could benefit from Zentitle?

We’d love to meet them! To thank you for the introduction, we’ll send you rewards for every conversation and every closed deal.

How It Works

  1. Use this link now to fill in the details of someone you think could benefit from Zentitle.
  2. Or, send this link to your friend so that they can contact us and mention you.
  3. Once your referral completes a discovery call with a member of our team*, you'll receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.
  4. If your referral joins us, we'll send you on a Luxury Weekend Break for Two*, you choose where!

*Terms apply, see below.

For Every New Customer

Luxury Weekend Break for Two!

When your referral joins us, we'll send you a $1000 Visa Gift Card for a weekend away, you decide which fabulous destination to go to.

*Terms apply, see below.

refer someone to nalpeiron and receive a $1000 weekend break for two

For Every Conversation

$50 Amazon Gift Card

For every conversation you make happen we'll send you a little something so you can treat yourself.

*Terms apply, see below.

refer someone to nalpeiron and receive a $50 amazon gift card

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*Terms apply.
By participating, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
a) For completion of a Discovery Call must be a qualified lead (see point 'd' below).
b) For New Customers You Refer, referral rewards will be completed when a qualified lead has signed-up as an active paying customer and completed at least one payment.
c) Referrals must be made and meetings booked using either of the two forms or both of which are linked to above.
d) Qualified leads must fit criteria for you to receive rewards:
- a prospect that is a Software, SaaS or Hardware Vendor that interested in using a Software and SaaS Licensing and Entitlements Platform.
- a prospect that must be able to benefit from Nalpeiron's products and services.
- a prospect that they must not be an existing Nalpeiron customer.
- a prospect that does not already exist as a lead in our CRM databases.
- a prospect whose referral and introduction to Nalpeiron will have first become known to us from your referral.
- a prospect who has not been connected with any prior partner/referral program.
e) Reward gifts for Discovery Calls will be paid by the end of the following calendar month after which a qualifying discovery call takes place.
f) Reward gifts for New Customers You Refer will be paid by the end of the following calendar month after the qualified lead has signed-up as a paying customer and their first payment has been made.
g) Recipients are solely responsible for any tax payments and reporting for amounts received.
h) These referral program rewards offers cannot be combined with any other offers and is void where prohibited by law.
i) To be eligible you must be, at the time of referral through the program permitted under your employer’s policy to participate and receive referral payouts. Please confirm with your employer whether you are eligible to participate in this program.
j) Nalpeiron may suspend, terminate or modify this program at any time, without notice, and reserves the right to disqualify anyone from participation.
k) All determinations will be made by Nalpeiron in its sole discretion and are final.

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