Your 'Must Know' Fundamentals of Zentitle

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Here are some fundamental concepts which will make it easier for you to get up and running quickly.


With Zentitle, everything can be fully automated by making use of our Webservices.

Our Webservices API is built on SOAP (XML), which you can access by setting up your Webservices Username and Password in the Zentitle dashboard.

Your credentials will allow you access to ALL your Products that you are licensing using Zentitle. You can then code appropriately – each different Product has a unique ProductID which will need to be referenced in your webservice calls along with your unique CustomerID.

The full set of Webservices supported are available in our Documentation along with required inputs and sample outputs.

For your Trial, we setup an initial single ProductID for you called “My Product” (which you can rename) and your CustomerID is provided when your Trial is approved. Both the ProductID and the CustomerID can always be found on the Configure screen for your product.

Code Profiles

Code Profiles are common sets of Entitlements for License Codes. These can be used to deliver the correct rights for each sale that you make.

Code Profiles can be used to pre-set any commonly used entitlements, and to define what features are available in each flavour of your product if you are shipping one installer capable of delivering for example Lite/Std/Pro versions, with licensing deciding which customers get to use what.

It is common that Back End Integrations for the delivery and fulfilment of a new sale are performed by getting the next available unused License Code from a required Code Profile and assigning it to a customer. You can then send the License Code to the customer by email or whatever technique you prefer.

Alternatively, by using Zentitle's Account Based Licensing you can associate one or more identities (username/password) with an underlying License Code so that they easily activate and use your product in a "login and use" SaaS-like way. There are Webservices to create and manage Identities as well as associate them with License Codes.

Each License Code can have all sorts of parameters set on it, from a License Model (such as Subscription, Perpetual etc) through to fine grained License Entitlements which define and control what that customer can use or not use, how much and until when.

You’ll likely already know the kinds of Use Cases you’ll be looking to achieve and these settings no doubt you’ll be eager to explore.

Your Use Case

If you would like advice about the best configuration for your business and use case, on how to structure Zentitle to work with your operations, please reach out to your Sales Representative.

Working with Your Team

You can grant access to your Zentitle Account to the other key members of your team, so that they have their own Login Credentials.

As soon as your Trial is Approved, you will have full access to our Support Site along with Documentation, Sample Code and Getting Started Guides to get to up and running quickly.

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