Your 'Must Know' Fundamentals of Zentitle

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Here are some fundamental concepts which will make it easier for you to get up and running quickly.

Product IDs

Your Zentitle account is organised by Product IDs, and in your Trial we’ll set you up with a single initial Product ID, which will be all you will need if you are going to be licensing one product. If you are intending to ship different flavors of the same product (eg. Lite/Std/Pro), or turn features on and off dependent upon which ones your customers have paid for, then this single Product ID will still be all that you need. It will be called ‘My Product’ but you can simply rename it by heading for the Wrench Icon (Product Configuration Page).

If you are going to be shipping additional, completely different products, you should add and work with a separate Product ID for each one.

If you are wondering about whether you need to add more Product IDs in order to make Zentitle work for your use-cases, contact your Sales Representative who will be happy to talk you through it.

Code Profiles

Each License Code can have a wide range of attributes, from the chosen License Model to fine grained License Entitlements which define and control what that customer can use or not use, how much and until when.

Code Profiles are a mechanism within Zentitle which makes it easy to define templates of Entitlements that can represent each Edition of your Product (Lite/Std/Pro), or any common sets of Entitlements you want to use regularly.

Code Bank & Allocating Codes

Zentitle has its own built-in License Code Generator which generates unique, non-guessable, all-numeric License Codes. If you are intending to use your own, externally self-generated License Codes following whatever naming convention you wish, you can import a list of these License Codes instead.

Before any License Code is ready to use, it needs to be associated with a Product ID. This process is called “Allocating Codes”, and most commonly ISVs will perform this as an occasional bulk process.

When Allocating Codes, they can also be primed with an initial set of Entitlements by selecting the “Code Profile” (see described above) which you’d like them to be Allocated to. Pre-configuration of initial entitlements are made easy by this method.

UI or API Driven

Much of your operations can be driven using the Zentitle Webservices API, barely needing to use the UI apart from primary setup tasks.

Your Backend System, or your eCommerce, CRM or ERP can be wired up in order to fulfil orders automatically by requesting and configuring the next available License Code, and delivering it to the customer. Alternatively, you can use Zentitle's powerful Account Based Licensing (email/username & password) for a modern SaaS-style approach.

If you’re unsure of the best way to go about your implementation to achieve your desired use-case, reach out to your Sales Representative who will be glad to help.

Working with Your Team

You can grant access to your Zentitle Account to the other key members of your team, so that they have their own Login Credentials.

As soon as your Trial is Approved, you will have full access to our Support Site along with Documentation, Sample Code and Getting Started Guides to get to up and running quickly.

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